Video After thoughts from Rocket Raceway Park’s Twin 20’s

Rocket Raceway Park
USRA Stock car Twin 20's 5/14/22

On Saturday May 14th, 136 race teams entered the gates of Rocket Raceway Park. Our team from Race On Texas was there to capture the story of Rocket Raceway Park, is one that is being written as the year goes on. Promoters Kevin Rogers & Kevin Sustaire ended their lease in the off season at RPM Speedway, Crandall, TX. They then purchased what was 82 Speedway, in Petty Texas, and renamed it to Rocket Raceway Park.

Of the 136 entries into the night’s dirt track racing program, 36 of them were there for a special purse, with serious money on the line! Enter The Twin 20’s. Two races, twenty laps each, that would be raced back-back. Teams not leaving the racing surface to repair or make changes to their car. Those things would be done on the front straight in front of all the fans under the pressure of a 15-minute time limit.  The winner of the first race, would draw from a bucket, and the cars would be inverted to start the 2nd feature.

Most likely all the racers had never raced a format like this. On this night, not only would they battle each other, they would battle all this race track had to offer, and how much their race car could take.

We hope you enjoy “Video After thoughts from Rocket Raceway Park’s Twin 20’s”

You can re-watch the entire night at Rocket Raceway Park here: {Click Here to Watch}


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