The 2021 FAN Vote has begun!

The 2021 FAN Vote has begun! Click Here to VOTE! Drivers have raced all year, and now it's time to have it pay off! The All In Designs Power Bonus jackpot is currently at $3,012! At Cotton Bowl Speedway’s OctoberFAST someone or one’s will be taking home the $. Here’s the quick details on why you should VOTE for your driver.
#1 Not only will the top 50 in power rankings effective 10/4 be eligible for the Power Bonus, but the Top 10 in the FAN Vote will also!
#2 The highest voted driver not locked into the show will have a Provisional to start the A-Main & a cut of the Power Bonus! 

The highest finishing of the 60 Eligible drivers will take home at Minimum $1,200!

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It’s BIG Show Season!

40 Race Broadcasts in 30 Nights!

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All the Details around OctoberFAST at Cotton Bowl Speedway, and the Factory Stock Power Rankings Power Bonus$

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