New Texas Short Track Driver of the Year Award announced on Revved Up Sports

SPRING, Texas (Feb. 1, 2021) — Officials at and the Revved Up Sports Show (RUSS) have announced the addition of a new award to compliment their Promoter of the Year program implemented in 2020. Created to recognize successful drivers, this one was also long overdue.

Starting in November of this year, the two statewide media entities will honor the 'Texas Short Track Driver of the Year' in two categories; weekly point chasers and touring series drivers. The criteria examined will include a driver's skills interacting with media along with on-track performance.

“Every season, we see one driver rise above the others with wins and top fives,” RaceOnTexas founder and co-owner Chris David said. “Despite the rising level of competition in many classes, they somehow manages to dominate over their rivals. It's time we recognize that level of excellence.”

After the regular points season has concluded this fall, a three-man panel will review driver statistics around the state to determine a winner in that category. Once the touring series have run their finales, a recipient for Touring Series Driver of the Year can also be determined. Both must be included.

“I think to be fair, we have to look at the performances of the many talented touring series guys out there, as well,” RUSS founder and co-host Rodney Rodriguez said. “When you consider the Late Model, Truck Series and Dwarf car racers alone, there's some big talent out there. And there are others.

“When Chris and I got together last year to recognize one short track promoter each year and saw the positive reaction, it was only natural to add this new Driver of the Year Award to the mix. We're blessed with so many gifted racers in this state; to not recognize their successes would be an oversight.”

The addition of a driver's ability to interact with members of the media reflects the growth and increased level of professionalism on the Texas racing scene in recent years. Since the 2019 season got started, and despite last year's global pandemic, the sport is enjoying a healthy resurgence.

Thanks to increased Live coverage by RaceOnTexas and more mainstream media coverage in general, drivers now have the chance to do interviews far more often. Thus, their ability to articulate and connect with fans through those opportunities has become critical. Some excel at it, to their benefit.

“I think there are several racers across the state of Texas now who are getting better at doing interviews,” David added. “They're getting more comfortable on camera, and most realize the value of those interviews to their sponsors. Rodney and I both feel it's time to look at those skills, as well.”

RaceOnTexas is poised for continued growth itself in 2021 after a successful debut for its new SpeedPass program in 2020. More Live events, more broadcasts featuring multi-cam views and top-notch on-screen graphics are coming in the months ahead. It's a great time to be a race fan in Texas.

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