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Our All-Access membership will allow you to stream ALL our LIVE events for one price per month. Here is the current broadcast schedule for the current or upcoming weekend. The schedule is updated every Tuesday for the upcoming weekend. If you want more information about how to sign up, click here! 

Here is our current dirt track racing LIVE schedule for April 2022.  You can watch  ALL LIVE with an all-access membership for just $39.99 a month.  (no contracts, cancel anytime) We will be adding more shows with over 300+ live events scheduled for 2022. Your all-access membership supports local racing by selecting a local track when you checkout. Note: this is only our live schedule....we also film at several other tracks/events that may not be live.

  • May 13th | ASCS National Tour Black Hills Speedway CANCELLED due to tire shortage
  • May 13th | Sabine Speedway
  • May 13th | Big O Speedway
  • May 13th | HOT Speedway
  • May 13th | 67 Speedway
  • May 14th | ASCS National Tour Black Hills Speedway CANCELLED due to tire shortage
  • May 14th | I-37 Speedway
  • May 14th | Kennedale Speedway Park
  • May 14th | Big O Speedway
  • May 14th | Rocket Raceway Park
  • May 14th | Boothill Speedway
  • May 14th | Texana Raceway Park
  • May 20th | ASCS National Tour Tri City Speedway
  • May 20th | 67 Speedway
  • May 20th | Sabine Speedway
  • May 20th  | HOT Speedway
  • May 20th | Big O Speedway
  • May 21st | ASCS National Tour Tri City Speedway
  • May 21st | Boothill Speedway
  • May 21st | Lone Star Speedway
  • May 21st | Kennedale Speedway
  • May 21st | Big O Speedway
  • May 21st | Cotton Bowl Speedway
  • May 21st | South Texas Race Ranch
  • May 21st | Lawton Speedway ARMS
  • May 21st | Rocket Raceway Park
  • More and more coming.

We have over 350+ Live shows on the calendar. Tracks will include: South Texas Race Ranch, L87, I-37, Cotton Bowl, Texana, Boothill, Sabine, Lone Star, Rocket Raceway Park, Kennedale Speedway Park, and several others! It will be the biggest year of live streaming for RaceOnTexas.com. Get signed up now!

If you still have more questions, check our our FAQ, or  Email us for a quick reply at support@raceontexas.com



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