Faulkner, Jennings, pace qualifying at Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

By: Phil Whipple,

RaceOnTexas.com Staff Writer

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (Dec. 10, 2021) — Factory Stock master Dalton Faulkner and open-wheel veteran Tracy Denby Jr. led their respective divisions in passing points, as officials hosted Night No. 1 of the third annual Jerry Whiteaker Memorial on Friday at South Texas Speedway.

Faulkner won both of his heats in qualifying action, including a last-lap pass over Nathan Rachui in the first round. Denby won heat number 10 in Round 2 of Limited Modified qualifying after a strong run in his first heat. The top eight drivers in passing points in both divisions are locked into tonight's A Mains.

Other heat winners in Friday night's Factory Stock qualifying include Donald Cain Jr., Steve Grantz, Josh Ellender, Memphis Villarreal, Jesse Meazell, Johnny Torres, Brian Rye and Walter Hamilton.

Joining Denby with Heat wins in Limited Mods Friday were Chuck Perry, Ray Allen Kulhanek, Tanner Whitmire, Boone Evans, Marcus Mikulencak, JJ Jennings, Max Calles-McDonald, Dustin Butcher, Jarrett Barber, Trent Beaver, Chris Rye, Shane Hebert, Adam Shock, Kale Westover and Cody Smith.

Two support classes were also on hand Friday evening to run their own heats ahead of tonight's A Mains. Steven Whiteaker III and Jerry Walters will square off in the Pure Stock division after winning their respective heats, while Gilbert Perez III, Brianna Witzsche and JD Legg won their EMod heats.

Over 130 race teams from around Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma filled the pit area on Friday evening. With 62 Limited Modifieds and 37 Factory Stock entries, it was clear the battles to get locked in would be memorable. Among the highlights was a terrific battle by Memphis Villarreal and Walter Hamilton.

Among the highlights in Limited qualifying were impressive heat wins by Kulhanek and Butcher, both considered prerace favorites based on their 2021 performances. Friday night's program was presented in rapid-fire succession, with 31 qualifying races being run off in a little over three hours flat.

The Jerry Whiteaker Memorial is the biggest event of the year at South Texas Speedway. Run by Steven Whiteaker Jr., STS keeps short track racing thriving in south Texas in fine fashion. Whiteaker's smart thinking means Pure Stock guys can advance to Factory Stock easily, while EMod teams can move up to Limited Modified with a few minor changes, as well. Four good classes, all tied together.

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