Frequently Asked Questions

We want to you have a great experience, so we put together this information to help. Please go through this information BEFORE contacting us.

Having trouble watching the show? Please go through our steps below, most of the time this will resolve your issue. You MUST try this before emailing us.
1. Refresh the entire web page and allow the player to load again.
2. Switch to a different browser. We have good luck with Google Chrome or Firefox. DO NOT USE Internet Explorer or Edge.
3. Make sure you are connected to WiFi. Run a speed test by going here -> SPEED TEST Ideally, 5mbps is a minimum needed to watch the race without buffering.
4. Due to variable, non-standard operating systems on Smart TV's, we do not offer tech support. Some TV's work without issue, others do not.
If this does not solve your issue, please try a different device. Sometimes, there are software versions, plugins, or something that is keeping your device from watching correctly. Another device may not have this particular problem.

What is SpeedPass?
SpeedPass is a new level of membership here at designed to bring you MORE content while supporting your local track. The membership will feature more and more LIVE races across our region. We should soon be at 2-3 live shows per weekend. Your membership will give you access to all regular season live broadcasts, faster OnDemand content, and a unique chance to support your track. The track you choose to support will get 50% of the money directly every single month. All current tracks we are affiliated with are an option for you to choose at checkout, however, not all are participating in the SpeedPass program at this time.

I purchased an on demand subscription, does this include live events too?
No, on demand subscriptions do not include live events.

If I buy a live event, can I watch it later?
Yes, when you purchase a live event, your account has access to a 14 day trial to our OnDemand section. After this you will be billed $9.99 monthly for an OnDemand subscription. You can cancel anytime or contact us before the 14 day trial has expired and we will cancel your subscription and you will not be billed.

What happens when a live event rains out?
We follow the same rules as the race promoter. If they call it a show, so do we. We will provide full refunds if the entire event is permanently canceled. If an event or day is rescheduled, your purchase will be honored for the new date. If the show is a multi-day event and a specific day is rained out, you will be refunded the equivalent amount for that day, only if that day is not re-scheduled.

Can I share my login so another person can watch a live event or on demand videos?
No. Our website security only allows for your login to be used by one computer or phone at a time.

When will videos be uploaded to on demand?
We upload as quickly as we can. Please give us 12-48 hours following the completion of the event for them to show up in the OnDemand section.

How do I know if my race is in your on demand section?
We upload every lap of every race we film. If you aren’t sure if we filmed an event, please send us a message.

I don’t want to sign up for on demand, but want a DVD, is this possible?
Currently, we are not producing any DVD's, sorry.

How can I speak with someone directly?
We would love to talk with you over the phone. Please email us or use our contact us form and someone will call you.

I still need help, what should I do?
Send us an email to support at or through the contact us page. While we use Facebook daily, our support team is on email 24/7. We monitor email during live events, not Facebook.

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