December 2, 2019

By Katie Dugas of PIT PASS Powered by Race on Texas

In six short weeks, we have seen Blake Cannon, Kendall Tucker, Jordan Casey, Blake Matjoulis and now Hayden Cardwell take on the checkered flag here at the South Texas Speedway Race on Texas Monster Bash with 3-D Racing. As our series comes to an end, it's rather a bittersweet moment, but that just means that more exciting racing is about to be upon us.

After four action packed heats, and two B-mains, twenty four drivers will advance to make your starting grid here tonight at Limaland.

Hayden Cardwell with the fast time in qualifying, with Dylan Wilson to his outside, leading off, Kid Excitement, Jordan Casey in third, Dylan Houser sits to his outside. The number fourteen of JD Brown starts inside row three with Evan Seay to his outside, over the Gangster Jeremy Capron in seventh, and to his right, CJ Phillips. Swindell Speedlabs own Wonder Boy, Kendall Tucker takes the grid in ninth, TJ Cater rounds out your top ten.

Ryan Diatte gets the inside of row six warmed up, with the Street Stock Phenom, Barrett Bishop to his outside, over Devon Morgan ans Steven Wilson. iRacing iFlag spokesman, Blake Brown starts in position number fifteen, with Chad Swarts alongside, Ryan Underwood and Clifford Driskel will make up row number nine. Drirt Grass Soul Front man, Kevin Dedmon will roll off the grid in nineteenth along with Garrett Neibruegge, just in front of Davin "The Other" Cardwell and Tristan Carman in row eleven. Robert Fletcher in that sweet number seventy seven and Virgil Graham will be your last two drivers to make the final show at the Team VLR and 3-D Racing Monster Bash presented by South Texas Speedway and Race on Texas.



Seventy five green flags will be the distance around Northwest Ohio's Quarter Mile of Thunder.. and in the words of Todd Stanton... "WHOOOS IT GONNA BE"... as the green flag drops, Cardwell wastes no time getting on the gas and is off and away! Dylan Houser makes the transition into second with Jordan Casey in tow, Dylan Wilson sits back and waits on his chance to break into the top three.


Kendall Tucker in the double zero steady knocking off positions, trying to park that Swindell Speedlab machine in Victory lane like he did on week two at Eldora. D1RT's Jordan Casey drops low on Dylan Houser trying to make the pass for second, but the top side is clearly dominant here at Limaland. They will have a lot of work to do, if they plan on getting a pass on our leader, Hayden Cardwell, who is now over a second ahead of our field. Houser will maintain second, while Wilson and Casey now door to door for third, JD Brown in the cat bird seat in fourth.



Nearing the half way mark, Cardwell maintains two second his lead over Houser, now in third, after one sweet slide job by Dylan Wilson now in second, Casey holds on third, JD Brown holds onto fifth, also sitting second in points. The number two of Houser, battled hard for second, and focusing on a clean race, coming into the race here tonight, holding the number one spot for the Championship.


Our leader starts to ease his way into lap traffic with only fifteen laps remaining, making it difficult for Houser and Wilson to catch him, but the zero seven of Cardwell shows no sign of slowing. Five more times around, and Houser loses a spot to Casey, lap cars still being an issue, and still no signs of a caution flag.

White flag is out, Hayden Cardwell, four more times around, over Dylan Wilson, Jordan Casey, Dylan House and JD Brown... Now, lets get that seven machine down to Victory Lane, Congratulations to your Limaland Feature Winner, UDTV's own, Hayden Cardwell!


Bringing home second, two more D1RT giants, Dylan Wilson and Jordan Casey. Your series Champion, aboard the number two machine, Dylan Houser brings it home fourth, with JD Brown Rounding out your top five.

Congratulations again to Hayden Cardwell on the win tonight, as well as all of our podium finishers.

Dylan Houser, your 2019 Race on Texas South Texas Speedway Monster Bash Champion presented by Team VLR and 3-D Racing, takes the title, with all six starts, four hundred twenty six points, over JD Brown in second with four hundred fourteen, Jordan Casey moves into third with four hundred and nine points, Barrett Bishop in fourth with four hundred and five, and Kevin Dedmon rounds out the top five in Championship positions with three hundred and eighty two points.

Thank you again to all of the drivers who have made this season the success that it has been, as well as Phill and Todd at FVRN for an amazing broadcast week in and week out, all of the admins at VLR for keeping this show up and going each week, 3-D Racing for being such a huge contribution and to each and every one of you fans who show up each week.

Be sure to keep an eye on Team VLR's Facebook page, for all league news and series information.

Once again, I'm Katie Dugas with Pit Pass Powered by Race on Texas, ans its been a blast being able to cover another series for the guys at VLR!

Thank yall, and Good Night!