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January 10, 2020

By Katie Dugas with Pit Pass


Good Afternoon race fans, and welcome to the Volusia Speedway Park for the Team VLR Quick Cast Driver /Fan Appreciation race. Thirty eight drivers will roll into the beautiful Florida dirt tack with their 360 winged sprint cars tonight.

Although the pits are full, only twenty drivers will be able to take the track for the feature. After practice, Alex Bergeron sits atop the speed charts with a smooth 13.516, over the 00 of Kendall Tucker who turns a 13.539.

After qualifying, Tucker will overtake Bergeron with a 14.246, followed by James Edens after running a 14.259.

Three heat races, and two b-mains, will narrow down the drivers, to the best of the best, and make up your twenty lap starting grid.

Kendall Tucker will park the double zero on the pole for Swindell Speedlabs, with the fifty two of James Edens to his outside. Lewis Hewett starts in third with Chris Brenner along side, over Alex Smolders, and Cory Wentzel. The number two of Dylan Houser sits inside row four, with Cole Cabre, "The Champ", Alex Bergeron and Billy Rowlee round out your top ten.

Billy Rowlee will start in eleventh, alongside Vinnie Sansone. Tyler Doucharme and "Kid Excitement", Jordan Casey make up row seven over Erik Coyle and Rusty Kruger. Schyler Brown and Barrett Bishop parks the 926 outside row eight, with Tommy Rowe and Colton Hardy rounding out your grid tonight in the Sunshine State.

The Magic Men of Full Velocity Race Network, Todd Stanton and Phil Lacosste get the crowd on their feet, as the iRacing iFlag waves the green flag, "Whooooos it gonna be tonight"?.. Kendall Tucker wastes no time on the loud pedal, as Edens, Hewitt and Brenner bring it three wide into turn three for second.

Hewitt tries his hand up top to get the run on James Edens, but the speed is clearly around the bottom side, which is where you you can find "The Champ" of Alex Bergeron. There is contact between Brenner and Tucker, slowing up, and allowing Brenner and Bergeron running one and two.  Edens tried his hand at the top side of the track as our leaders seem to start pulling away along the bottom.

After falling off hard, Tucker has moved up to sixth, running close behind the number two of Dylan Houser, on the shirt tails of Lewis Hewitt. Twenty laps in, Bergeron will take over the race lead, letting Brenner falls back to second, Edens maintains the third position. Lap traffic starts to emerge but the leaders are not slowing down.

Brenner maintains his hold, cat fishing along the bottom side of the track. James Edens finally finds the momentum he's been searching for on the top shelf, but it's still not enough to take over the second place spot.

Bergeron still able to maintain the lead after battling through all of the lap traffic. Second place still battling, who will prevail, Brenner or Edens? The fifty two of Edens will find the advantage along the top side of the speedway, Brenner to third, Houser runs in fourth, and Tucker has found himself back in the top five.

White flag in the air,  four more turns for Alex Bergeron, not another car in sight, and he will bring home the win tonight here in Volusia. James Edens will hold on to the second place spot over the number nine of Chris Brenner who brings home a third place finish.

Thanks again to all of the drivers who came out tonight for the Team VLR fan and driver appreciation night. The admins here at VLR, as well as the guys behind the mic, Todd and Phil, as well as FVRN, all of the sponsors, and all of the fans who tune in week in and week out.

Congratulations again to our winner, Alex Bergeron, as well as James Edens and Chris Brenner, for still snag a podium finish tonight.

From all of us here at Pit Pass, Thank you and Goodnight!

Finishing order -

  1. Bergeron 2. Edens 3. Brenner 4. Houser 5. Tucker 6. Doucharme 7. Hardy 8. Rowlee 9. Sansone 10. Kruger 11. Brown 12. Rowe 13. Wentzel 14. Bishop 15. Casey 16. Coyle 17. Hewett 18. Batista 19. Smolders 20. Cabre


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